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Captain America Strong-Arms Hydra in 'Captain America: The First Avenger' Storyboards

Storyboards from Captain America: The First Avenger show how cool Cap's bike really is.

As always, after a movie release concept art and storyboards are up from the artists. Captain America is no exception.

I was checking out the artists and came across these storyboards from Rodolfo Damaggio.

The sequence is called "Bike Chase." He's heading through the woods to the base of the evil H.Y.D.R.A. The scene right before this one has him using his motorcycle gadets to get rid of some agents chasing him.

Here's what he said about them:
Here are some the storyboards I did for Captain America, the "Kruger Chase" and the Bike chase sequence. Joe [Johnston] thumb nailed the Bike chase entirely.
For comparison, check out the video clip below. It's a shame it cuts off right when it gets interesting. I would have loved to see him backflip off his bike onto the sheild. Guess we'll have to check out the movie. ;)

Check out the rest of his storyboards from the movie and his other amazing art work at Damaggio.com.
Do these storyboards make him look cooler than ever?
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