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Why Ralph McQuarrie Should Do An Interview For My Blog

The biggest concept illustrator ever is Ralph McQuarrie who did designs for Star Wars and other films. He's a rock star in the industry and here are the main reasons he should do an interview for my blog.

My blog is the only one devoted to science-fiction pre-production Art.
When I first set out to design the blog I decided instead of focusing on all concept art I'd have a narrow focus. I wouldn't cover game concept art. I'm not going to cover pre-production art for every movie ever made. I'd only focus on science-fiction.

This turned out to be a real boon since the most interesting art is produced for science-fiction films. These are usually very visual concept and stretch the imagination. Ralph McQuarries concept art was the key to getting the movies made at all.

My blog is the only one out there like that.

Ralph McQuarrie inspired many of the artists I've interviewed
Many times in interviews with concept artists I've interviewed. It would complement them nicely to link to an interview from him.

The Dude Worked on the Infamous 'Star Wars' Holiday Special
I'd love to ask him what went wrong. It couldn't have been as horrible as the final product. Could it..?

I Have Cookies
Who doesn't love cookies? I have a selection of homemade chocolate chip cookies. Yum. He can have some if he does an interview for my blog.

It would be his 1001st interview
He's done literally hundreds of interviews, but my blog would take it over the one thousand mark. That would make a nice bookend.

So, there you have it. Ralph, if you're out there reading this, contact me and we'll set up an interview. You won't regret it.

Check out his amazing website at RalphMcQuarrie.com to see designs for films as diverse as Star Wars, Masters of the Universe, Star Trek and The Golden Child.

Why do you think Ralph McQuarrie should do an interview on my blog?
[Image Source: RalphMcQuarrie.com]
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