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Visit: Americana Workshop, Kennebunk ME

Hope ya'll have had fun this week joining me on a virtual journey to Spaces | Kennebunkport and Antiques on Nine
I was over the moon thrilled this year because EG agreed to take the kids on a lobster cruise for a few hours and free me up for the morning.  It was better than any spa package he could have given me.  I headed to H.B. Provisions my iced latte and proceeded to hit about thirty antique stores in the matter of hours.  (Maybe a slight exaggeration but for once, I was able to stop at any place along the road and actually peruse through the aisles as long as I wanted!)
Along my trek, I visited Americana Workshop, located at 111 York Street in Kennebunk, Maine (207-985-8356).   This store had a good mix of antique collections on one side of the shop mixed with reproductions and refinished products.  The other side of the shop was filled with very country style furnishings (beautiful for those who love a colonial style home).  I found two of my favorite things here (and I found that prices at Americana were much better than some of the surrounding shops who had clearly added some dollars for the Kennebunkport zip code). 
Here's what I found: 
1. "Sehati" Red/Turquoise Cracker Box $65:  
 I had just purchased the below striped red and turquoise shower curtain from the Crate and Barrel Outlet for the kid's bathroom so when I saw the cracker box, it all came together!  I'm going to put it on the bathroom vanity.   (PS- I saw these cracker boxes at other stores I visited that day for $85 so this was a "steal" for me). 
2.  The Sailboat Print $95
I was on the hunt for a piece of art that I could use in the guest bedroom that I'm making over.  For some reason, I had a sailboat or ocean on my mind.  I saw this picture and loved it but didn't ask the price and left the store without it.  Then I kept thinking about it that night and became obsessed with purchasing it "for the right price" the next day.  I had seen others for $150-$950 during my shopping so when I found out this one was $95 AND I loved it....it was a win/ win! 
And here's an update on the items I've been collecting for the guest bedroom so far:   

(PS--Those turquoise bamboo nightstands are coming my way from Parker Kennedy Living and I can't wait baybee!!!) 
I have another store that I'll be reviewing soon...but I wanted to share with you a few other photos from my shopping that day:  

I have been drawn to bird cages lately!!!  (Recall Antiques on Nine's Pagoda Cage)  I loved this one and thought it would be super cool turned into a Pendant lamp. (Selling for $65) 

This 1970's Cambodian Pendant Lamp is currently being sold on One King's Lane right now for $1149 and I could easily have wired a pendant light through the cage.  But...it just seemed like too much work at the time and I left it behind. 

I am also uber drawn to cranes lately (recall my purchase from Blaze and Bloom).  I instantly loved this crane spotted in XXXXXXXX but there were two things that prevented me from purchasing it. 

1. Price.  The owner wanted $175 and while this bird is a beauty, it still poops just the same as my fabulous crane that I bought from Blaze and Bloom for $35. 

2.  The Owner's Take on Design Blog "Advertising".  I was very upfront and asked permission to take photos in the shop (reply, "yes), but when the owner discovered I was a blogger, she told me that she didn't want "that kind of advertising" about her shop.  No problem.  So I have withheld the name, location, and any positive comments I would have mentioned.  And I will make sure not to post any links to her website page so that my few thousand visitors a day NEVER hear about her shop.  Ever. 

After my morning of shopping, I met the family for some beach time.  Here's a self portrait that Jack and I took of ourselves after we'd walked to the very end of the jetty on Gooch's beach.  (I know I'm getting old because I saw my life flash before my eyes a handful of times as we were hopping from rock to rock inching further and further out to sea and away from land).  Good times though!



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