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Cool STAR TREK: DEEP SPACE NINE Concept Art by Ricardo Delgado

Check out Star Trek: Deep Space Nine concept art by Ricardo Delgado!

Star Trek: Deep Space Nine (DS9) premiered in 1993 and ran for seven seasons. It was the first Trek spin-off created without direct involvement from Roddenberry, but he did approve of the concept shortly before he died in 1991. Concept artist Ricardo Delgado posted some designs for the station "Deep Space 9."

Delgado is a professional concept and storyboard artist who's worked on Hollywood projects like Men in Black (1997), Species (1995) and How to Train Your Dragon (2010).

See more of Ricardo Delgado's work at http://ricardodelgadoart.blogspot.com/

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What do you think of the concept art? If you've seen Star Trek: Deep Space Nine what did you think?

Official Star Trek: Deep Space Nine Summary
Star Trek: Deep Space Nine (DS9) focuses on the 24th century adventures of Captain Benjamin Sisko on space station Deep Space 9, an outpost situated near the mouth of a stable wormhole on the far reaches of explored space. Although Sisko commands Deep Space 9, the station actually belongs to the inhabitants of nearby Bajor, who requested Starfleet’s protective presence after Bajoran freedom fighters put an end to the brutal Cardassian occupation of their world. Approximately a sixth of the station’s 300 permanent residents are Starfleet personnel; there is also a sizable Bajoran militia presence. The rest of Deep Space 9’s inhabitants are civilians, most of whom work in the station’s Promenade, a kind of indoor marketplace. Initially, Sisko’s mandate from Starfleet was to protect Bajor and the station from any hostiles who ventured into the area. But with the discovery of the nearby wormhole—a shortcut through space that leads directly to the uncharted Gamma quadrant—Sisko’s mandate has expanded exponentially, as the region becomes the gateway to all manner of visitors, both friendly and extremely hostile.
Created by Rick Berman, Michael Piller
Cinematography by Daniel Mindel
Production Design by Rick Carter and Darren Gilford
Starring: Official Site: www.startrek.com/page/star-trek-deep-space-nine 
Original Air Dates: December 18, 2015 (USA)
© Copyright 2007 Paramount Domestic Television, CBS Television Distribution. All rights reserved

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