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2014 Design Blogger's Conference

My oh my, how time flies when you're super busy with life.  And work.  And family. 
I have been absent for quite awhile.  I apologize, but I have a good excuse. 

Last week, we had our February break and my family ventured off to the warm island of Captiva, Florida.  It was our first visit there and we managed to settle in pretty quickly.  If you follow my Instagram, then you got play by play of our trip.  If not, sign up NOW!  And I'll give you a quick snap shot of the trip below:

We escaped the brutal New England weather for the week.  In the past, we've visited Disney and returned from our vacation needing another vacation.  This time, we needed some serious R&R.  Nothing over the top...just serious relaxation at the beach and pool.  No frills.  We realized that people use golf carts to get from point A to B on the 2 mile island.  So we obliged.

We drove the cart to the pool, to shopping, to dinner.  We thoroughly enjoyed our family time together.

 It was a much needed break from reality.  Upon our return, we had a week of school and regular routines....but then the weekend approached and I prepped for a big event for me personally...

If you follow my twitter, then you've probably already de-friended me (is that even possible on twitter??) 

But I am beside myself that I'm attending the 2014 Design Blogger's Conference in Atlanta this week.  This was a huge feat for my family to allow me to attend.  (I will some day share details of the trials and challenges).  But this was incredibly important for me to launch myself into a new level of blogging.  This week, check out my instagram for moment by moment updates. 


 Tonight was the kick off... Already, I have met blogging friends that I have known for awhile but have never met in person (e.g., Lisa Mende, Amanda Carol ) .  And I have met others that I have followed religiously (though they may not have known that I existed)...Jennifer | Vreeland Road , Sheri | Confetti Style , Lori | Lori May Interiors ).

Very fuzzy picture of my first night outfit. 

 Tomorrow is the beginning of the actual conference.  We'll hear from Jeffrey Alan Marks of Million Dollar Designer Stars and many other talented designers.  I'm thrilled to be here and will try to share as much of the experience with you as I can.   

For now, I will finish watching the Oscars and try to get a good night's sleep so I can be crisp for day 1 tomorrow.

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