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Killer Ang Lee HULK Dog Concept Art by Sang Jun Lee and Kevin Nowlan

Check out Ang Lee's Hulk concept art by Sang Jun Lee and Kevin Nowlan!

I was admiring the work of several excellent concept artists and noticed some common designs. While the Hulk is a major hit with The Avengers, it wasn't always that way. Back in 2003, Ang Lee created a Hulk film that even he said he took "too seriously." One bit of fun in the film were the so-called "Hulk Dogs" that were genetically engineering mutated attack dogs.

Here's an excellent summary of the scene by Jay Jayson (Nailbiter111) at ComicBookMovie.com in case you haven't seen it.
"In the film, David Banner calls his son Bruce, and tells him that he has sent his dogs, that have been genetically altered, after Betty (Jennifer Connelly). Bruce tries to alert Talbot (Josh Lucas) of his father's evil plans, but a confrontation ensues which forces Bruce to become the Hulk. He soon heads off to Betty's cabin in the woods. Betty comes across the Hulk hiding behind a large tree, and soon realizes that the big green monster is actually Bruce. As Betty drinks in this revelation, a sound alerts the Hulk to the arrival of the three Hulk-ified dogs."

Two of the artists that helped create those creatures were Sang Jun Lee and Kevin Nowlan. I just found some "killer" designs for those beasts and great explanations of the design process behind them.

Sang Jun Lee is a professional concept artist who's worked on blockbuster movies like Men in Black II (2002) and Star Wars Episode III: Revenge of the Sith. Kevin Nowlan is a comic book artist who's also worked on Hollywood films.

Check out the rest of the images after the jump (click to enlarge).
Here's what the "Hulk Dogs" looked like in the final film:

"My involved again was with pre-production on the Hulk. My main designs were the Hulk dogs. The director (Ang Lee) was looking for monstrous animals that came from a realistic scientific background. My research began with dog anatomy then spread to real footage of dogs fighting. Once I was confident in my research, I started to work on illustrations. When Ang Lee approved the final design a maquett was created and later scanned into the computer by ILM. Working on this project was a lot of fun, especially, the poodle hulk dog."- Lee

"More sketches for Ang Lee.  We watched his tape of Best of Show, looking for dogs that would make good monsters." - Nowlan

See more of Kevin Nowlan's work at kevinnowlan.blogspot.com and Sang Jun Lee's work at sangjunart.com.

Click on the links if you want to see more of Sang Jun Lee and Kevin Nowlan's work and Ang Lee's Hulk on my blog.

What do you think of the concept art? If you've seen Ang Lee's Hulk what did you think?

Official HULK Synopsis
The larger-than-life Marvel Super Hero the Hulk explodes onto the big screen! After a freak lab accident unleashes a genetically enhanced, impossibly strong creature, a terrified world must marshal its forces to stop a being with abilities beyond imagination.

Directed by Ang Lee
Starring: Eric Bana, Jennifer Connelly, Sam Elliott, Josh Lucas, Nick Nolte
Cinematography by Frederick Elmes
Production Design by Rick Carter

Official Site:http://www.universalstudiosentertainment.com/hulk/

Release date(s): June 20, 2003

© Copyright 2003 Universal Pictures, Marvel Enterprises, Good Machine, Valhalla Motion Pictures

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